Are You a Landlord Looking for a Passive Income? offers landlords or property investors an opportunity to receive guaranteed rent every month whether occupied or not. We will provide new furniture and new beds at no cost to you.

No voids to worry about, No Letting Fees. No hassle, completely passive income for you.

All done via our solicitors at no cost to you.

Or if you are a property investor and looking for a good return on your money, we have properties that could give you up to 10% return every month.

We help people succeed in Property by building their Property Portfolios by cash, equity, pensions, or funds they never even knew existed – which ultimately means they beat the bank by getting guaranteed greater returns on their money.

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Are your Savings or Pension Underperforming?

Thought about releasing your tax-free amount from your pension?

Would you like your own property portfolio?

Why Invest in Property?

Monthly Income: Monthly Rental Net Profit per property by number of properties owned.

Property is the Number One investment vehicle: Highest Returns, safest, no money down possible.

Capital Growth: Instant Equity of discount from negotiated purchase price, 5-10% per year, leveraging a mortgage means every 1% increase in the value is actually up to 10% (10X) increase “Cash-on-Cash” since only a Deposit required.

Cashflow: Multiple streams of income possible – Buy-to-Sell Profits from Flipping, Rental Income, Serviced Apartments, Corporate Lets, Multi-Lets, Capital Growth Profits upon Remortgage or Sale of Property, Tax-Free income into Pension Fund.

Lifestyle: Design life you want, having properties work around your life, instead of living life around your work.

Why Work with Us?

We have more than a decade of property experience with three HMO’s, two serviced accommodation units currently operating, and 14 with planning permission. We can help apply for a HMO licence if required.

We can also offer a full architectural drawing service preparing planning & building control drawings for any project, please see our Facebook page for more information:

Who Do We Work With?
Company Directors, Corporate Companies, Working Professionals, Existing Landlords, Property Investors

How Do I Get Started?
Simply complete the contact us form below and we’ll be in touch or give us a call on 0781 221 2292.

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